Medical billing specialist Job - Profile, skillset and duties

Lucrative career opportunities for medical billing specialists

When you think of large hospital networks, the first picture that comes to mind are doctors and nurses who are perhaps working relentlessly round the clock to restore the health of individuals who are suffering from some disease or injury. But to ensure that medical practitioners can concentrate on their jobs and the families of patients do not face any trouble, there is a large support group providing services round the clock as well.

Skillset required to become a medical billing specialist

Medical billing specialist jobs require a high level of understanding and analytics. If you are interested in becoming a medical billing specialist you must have a thorough knowledge of medical terminology, healthcare coding and collection system on the one hand and have excellent knowledge of the healthcare reimbursement process, debt collection laws, excellent coding and analytical skills on the other.

* Medical terminology
• Physiology and anatomy
• Medical billing instructions
• Medical coding instructions
• Knowledge in Medical software for billing.
• Working independently
• Paying Detailed attention
• Understanding the anatomy and physiology
• Knowing diagnosis and procedure coding
• Being able to think critically
• Communicate effectively
• Understanding the terminology
• Knowing how to enter the information in the insurance claim forms

 It is not just your professional expertise that matters as a medical billing specialist. There are several other soft skills required to become a medical billing specialist. For instance, you must excellent communication capabilities and the desire to provide great customer service. It is important for you to bear in mind that you have to be especially sensitive to the needs of the patients’ families who are not in the best frame of mind with a loved one in the hospital.

If you think you have it in you to become a medical billing specialist, after having gone through the extensive list of requirements that we have pointed out here, it is time to answer the next question that you have now about How do I become a medical billing specialist

Education and training required to attain a job

To become a medical billing specialist, you may opt for a training programme that is of a nine month- to a year long course that is offered at allied health schools or even at some vocational or technical schools. Alternatively, you can check out the two years associate degree programmes that community colleges provide for certification as a medical billing specialist.

There are several other online programmes or distant learning opportunities that you can choose from, for basic training and certification as a medical training specialist. At this point, however we need to bring to your attention that while certification is not mandatory to get a job as a medical billing specialist, it certainly gives you an edge over other candidates when you are in the process of seeking employment.

Further, with a certification will also enhance the potential of you receiving a higher salary than those who do not have any certification or formal training as a medical billing specialist. An individual without any certification may have to show 1-3 years’ experience in working with an established medical care provider to be able to procure a job, whereas with specialized training and certification you are likely to be employed without any experience to show.

Having understood how to become a medical billing specialist, the responsibilities the job entails and the training and certification it requires, you would perhaps eager to know at this stage, how much do billing specialist make. The range of salary of a medical billing specialist falls in the range of $ 38,000 to $45,000 in the present year. However, as mentioned earlier, salaries may vary greatly depending upon many factors such as education, training, experience and additional skills to mention a few.

Duties involved in Medical billing specialist

Medical billing duties There are tasks you are supposed to do in virtually every day and every position:

• Maintaining up- to-date on insurance claims regulations and rules.
• Sending claims and statements to patients.
• Entering charges to the accounts of patients in the software.
•  Post payments and reimbursement to patients’ claims.
•Follow up to  insurance regarding unpaid claims.
• Sending appeal rejected or not payable claims.
• Keep insurance and law employees informed.
• Ensure the request and receipt of prior authorization.

Job profile of a medical billing specialist

With hospital administration getting superior each day with use of technology one of jobs that is in high demand in the medical profession is that of a medical billing specialist. The question that you are likely to ask at this point is what are the duties of medical billing specialist. Here is what you need to know if you are interested in the same.

Medical billing specialists are trained professionals who are entrusted with cash flow of the hospital administration. Thus, their duties entail the coding and processing of the information that they receive from the medical care providers, translate it onto the invoice. They also work closely with the patient parties, the insurance companies and the government agencies to ensure that payments go through smoothly, without any hassle to both the patient party on the one hand and the medical care providers on the other

Opportunities galore for medical billing specialists today

The career opportunities for medical billing specialists are vast in the modern-day context. As a trained and certified medical biller, you are likely to be absorbed in medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, private practices among other. Further, there are many government agencies and insurance providers are also increasingly hiring medical billing specialists as processes are becoming more detailed.

Employment in most of these organizations is a full-time engagement, during normal business hours. After gaining certain years of experience you may also seek opportunities to work as contract employee and accept work of more than one facility or physician and opt to work from home. Thus, as you can see, the job of a medical billing specialists is a rather lucrative one, with opportunities in healthcare expanding by leaps and bounds. Thus, if you have it in you to become one, it is prudent to seek certification and training for the job right away. 

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