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The Vidant medical center (deriving its name from the Latin word vi and Spanish word vida that both mean life), is a hospital located in Greenville, North Carolina. It is basically a primary teaching hospital for the prestigious east Carolina University’s school of medicine, the Brody School of medicine. The Vidant Medical Center, or the Vidant Hospital, is also the flagship medical center for Vidant health, a nonprofit hospital system made of eight hospitals, home health, physician practices, hospice and wellness centers among other facilities. A merit that the Vidant Medical Center holds for boasting is that it is a level 1 trauma center and it is one of the only 6 in the entire state of North Carolina. In addition to that, It is also the only level I trauma center east of the city of Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina. Vidant medical center is actually the main medical care center for a diverse and complicated rural area that is home to approximately 2 million people. Not only is it a primary place of safety and care, but the Vidant Medical Center itself is considered to the 20th large employer of North Carolina.

There are over a million people that are able to use the Vidant Medical Services every year as it covers 29 counties. Over the course of a year, on average more than 3,500 babies will be born here. Being an academic medical center, there is a very wide spectrum of services and information offered to patients and students alike.


The prestigious Vidant medical center was formerly known as the Pitt community hospital and was located around the downtown area of Greenville. This old and well established institute was called The Pitt General Hospital in 1934 and came later to be known as Pitt County Memorial Hospital in 1949. For a long time the medical center was called the Pitt Country Memorial Hospital (PCMH), but finally in 2011 the hospital again changed its name to UHS medical center. The name change was unsuccessful because the name and brand UHS was already taken. The brand then finally and officially changed its name to it’s most recent and current name - the Vidant Medical Center.

Speaking about it’s proximity, the hospital moved from downtown Greenville to west Greenville back in 1951. At this time they only had 120 beds. There was an increase once 1958 came about (200 beds total). While the hospital was still small for the years to come, after a $9 million bond was created, the hospital then expanded to 350 beds total as well as offering 80 physicians in 1972. In 1977, the hospital moved to its new location in eastern Greenville with 355 beds. It has been at that location ever since and this is when East Carolina University medical students started taking classes there.
Fast forward to today, there have been many firsts performed like the first kidney transplant and even open heart surgery. The Vidant Medial Center kept growing and with the help of donations, the hospital now has it’s very own chapel that has 100 seats, places for meditating as well as an outdoor reflecting pool. There has been a lot of development for the Vidant Medical Center throughout it’s lifetime in order for it to be the amazing medical hub it is today.


The services offered by the vidant medical center are plenty to say the least. To suit and meet all imaginable health care needs for people of all ages and groups, the vidant medical center offers a vast amount of services.

These services included are as follows:

1. Asthma program (pediatric)
2. Behavioral and mental health
3. Cancer care
4. Cardiology (pediatric)
5. Cardiovascular rehabilitation
6. Children’s emergency department
7. Children’s hospital
8. Cyberknife
9. Community health programs
10. Diagnostic imaging
11. Electro convulsive therapy
12. Emergency locations
13. Endoscopy
14. Heart and vascular care
15. Hospice care
16. Lifeline personal response system
17. Home health
18. Minor emergency department
19. Neurosciences
20. Neurosurgery
21. Open MRI
22. Orthopedics
23. Pain management
24. Palliative care
25. Pastoral care
26. Pediatric rehabilitation
27. Pulmonary rehabilitation
28. Pitt partners for health
29. Radiology
30. General rehabilitation services
31. School health services
32. Sleep services
33. Speech pathology
34. Spine surgery
35. Sports medicine
36. Stroke care
37. Surgical services
38. Senior services
39. Surgicenter
40. Transplant services
41. Trauma and acute care surgery
42. Vidant wellness centers
43. Vocational evaluation
44. Weight loss
45. Weight loss surgery
46. Wellness and prevention
47. Women’s care
48. Wound healing among a lot of other services

Like mentioned before, The Vidant medical center is the largest employer in eastern North Carolina and the 20th overall employer in the state owing to the size and facilities offered by the center. Also, covering such a wide spectrum is what makes the Vidant Medical Center so vital for those living in North Carolina.


The Vidant Medical Center is licensed for and houses 861 beds and has an admission of 39,360 in fiscal year 2009 which has since been increased till this day in 2016. Out of the 861 beds, 734 are general beds, 75 are rehabilitation beds and 52 are psychiatric beds. The Vidant Medical Center has 35 operating rooms, out of which 26 rooms are shared inpatient/ambulatory surgery, four rooms are for C-section, while three rooms are other inpatient and two rooms are for endoscopy.
Wellness center

The Vidant medical center is a spectacular institute. It offers an immense variety of services that it offers. Among the facilities offered by the Vidant medical center has a great wellness center as well, called the Vidant wellness center. The Vidant wellness center has three cutting edge gyms at three very convenient locations namely Ahoskie, Greenville and Washington. Instead of going to a gym somewhere nearby where there aren’t even fitness experts to guide you on your weight loss journey, the Vidant wellness centers provide you with the medically modeled facility which not only helps you measure your current fitness but also helps you define your goals and empower you to achieve your ideal and best health. The Vidant wellness centers even offer unique and unconventional exercises including aquatics and zumba. The Vidant wellness centers are the perfect option for anyone of any age or weight looking to lose or maintain weight but in a way that is centered towards getting and remaining healthy.

Contact information

The Vidant medical center and all its facilities are known to always have been extremely accessible. Specifically in Greenville, North Carolina, there are a number of ways to contact the hospital.

The current address of the Vidant Medical Center is as follows

Vidant Medical Center
2100 Stantonsburg Road
PO Box 6020
Greenville, North Carolina 27853-6028
Website :

The most commonly called phone numbers to contact the Vidant Medical Center is as follows:

Main Hospital: 252-847-4100
Admissions: 252-847-5941
Emergency Department: 252-847-0279 or 252-847-0191
Children’s Emergency Department: 252-847-1517
Patient Accounts: 252-847-5117
Recruitment: 252-847-4556
Pastoral Services: 252-847-4790
ReferDirect aka physician referrals: 1-800-816-7264

If you want to contact any one of the hospitals that aren’t only in Greenville, as well a wellness centers or just want to get in touch with a physical for a consultation, all you have to do is reach out to the hospital at the given numbers. To help make it very easy for anyone to contact the hospitals and their staff to access any facility or service, here’s a list of the contact numbers of all the Vidant hospitals.

Vidant Beaufort hospital: 252-975-4100
Vidant Bertie hospital: 252-794-6600
Vidant Chowan hospital: 252-482-8451
Vidant Duplin hospital: 910-296-0941
Vidant Edgecombe hospital: 252-641-7700
Vidant medical center: 252-847-4100
Vidant Roanoke-Chowan hospital: 252-209-3000
The outer banks hospital: 252-449-4500


All in all, the Vidant Medical Center is a dream come true for everyone’s health problems as well as those who are looking to get an in depth medical education. The center and all its hospitals employ a large number of people in the state which is also a great way of giving back to the community. You can feel safe getting your medical care as the Vidant Medical Center is run around the clock to help people just like you who are in need.

In addition to the health benefits they provide to the people, the staff is all extremely qualified and equipped to fulfilling all people’s medical needs. Not only are the people and employees at the Vidant medical center extremely friendly and caring. Who would want to get medical care somewhere that seemed like they didn’t care about their patients? The Vidant Medical Center makes sure that each and every patient receives the highest quality care possible. This is the reason why the hospital itself is so highly regarded. The students are able to take this attitude towards their future medical careers making this a great place of influence for those aspiring in the medical industry.

After many updates and improvements over the years, the center is also home to some of the most high tech and powerful machinery for allowing you to acquire the best medical care that can be offered in North Carolina. With its wellness centers and rehabilitation centers, the Vidant medical center caters not only to your illnesses but also lets you achieve your perfect and ideal health. No matter what you need, the Vidant Medical Center practically has you covered.


They have got nearly 4 stary in Google review. Though some bad reviews and Many better review shows its 4 star rating.

Alexandra - I was treated as the result of a car wreck. Staff were attentive and helpful. Doctors were knowledgeable and helpful. I waited approximately 20 minutes in the waiting room before being seen (excellent wait time compared to a visit at another ER). Very pleased with the course of treatement and the level of care that was taken when being treated. Staff were especially helpful to my family as they arrived.

Ica Cherry  - I trust this medical center but I trust God more. He has guided my brother to use  this medical center. The doctors he's  seen was great.

Ramona - This hospital is professionally staffed, quite articulate.

Kay - Worst stay ever...really don't even want to talk about it.

Joan - I think the hospital, staff and medical students and doctors are the best, they saved my husbands life sunday

You could have your review in the comment section though.

We got a review from e-mail which more positive about Vidant like positive article however I have added for more information

The world-class treatments from Vidant Medical center support patients on time 

Many people nowadays like to get the best in class medical treatment at the most competitive prices. They are very conscious about how they enhance their health condition further and heal existing health problems. If they search for the most reliable hospital in Greenville, North Carolina, then they can feel free to make contact with the Vidant Medical center at this time. They will get the most expected medical support and high quality treatments from qualified healthcare professionals. Every visitor to this successful hospital in our time is satisfied with the friendly support from committed healthcare professionals. They feel very comfortable and confident in this friendly atmosphere.  

As the largest employer located in the Eastern North Carolina at this time, Vidant Medical center attracts residents who seek the number one hospital where they can get the most special medical treatment on time.  Every student in the Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University nowadays learns an array of things associated with their course at this teaching hospital. They recommend this hospital for their kith and kin confidently. This is because they understand how avant-garde resources and qualified medical professionals available in this hospital support sufferers of any health problem without delay.

This award-winning hospital in Greenville nowadays provides the first-class medical support and treatments for all visitors. This level 1 trauma center nowadays plays the major role behind the enhanced health condition of many residents all through this state. Sufferers of any health problem can make contact with this hospital directly and start their step to restore to health within a short period. They will be in safe hands soon after they arrive at this general medical and surgical hospital. If you listen to the number of inpatients and outpatients successfully healed health problems by the best treatments from this hospital, then you will be encouraged to visit and recommend this hospital.

Medical specialties in this famous hospital grasp the attention of every resident who likes to nurse back to health without negative side effects. It is the right time to contact the most reputable hospital and begin your way for enhancing your health condition on the whole. Well experienced medical professionals in diabetes & endocrinology, gastroenterology & GI surgery, nephrology, pulmonology, urology, cancer, cardiology & heart surgery, ear, nose & throat, Geriatrics, gynaecology, neurology & neurosurgery and orthopaedics enhance the health condition of every patient in this hospital. They diagnose overall health problems of patients and provide the most appropriate treatments on time.

There are many reasons behind the ever-increasing popularity of this hospital throughout the nation. Sufferers of physical and mental health problems in our time get in touch with this leading hospital with an aim to heal such problems without any negative side effect. They contact qualified, committed and friendly medical professionals in this hospital of very good recognition. They are happy and comfortable because the prompt support and clear details about different aspects of their health problems and medical treatments. They make a good decision and get the right medical treatment.

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