Categories of Health Insurance Records to Be Retained

Providers retain records in all categories as applicable:

A. Billing Material

Provider copies of Form CMS-1450 and any other supporting documents, e.g., charge slips, daily patient census records, and other business and accounting records referring to specific claims.

B. Cost Report Material

All data necessary to support the accuracy of the entries on the annual cost reports, including original invoices, cancelled checks, and provider copies of material used in preparing them. Also include other similar cost reports, schedules, and related worksheets and contracts or records of dealings with outside sources of medical supplies and services or with related organizations.

C. Medical Record Material

For hospitals, utilization review committee reports and discharge summaries. For hospitals and home health agencies, physicians’ certifications, and recertifications, and clinical and other medical records relating to health insurance claims.

D. Provider Physician Materials

Provider physician agreements upon which Part A and Part B allocations are based.

After payment of the bill, the provider should not retain administrative and billing work records if the material does not represent critical detail in support of summaries related to these records. These include punch cards, adding machine tapes, or other similar material not required for record retention.

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