CPT code G9002, G9012, H2011, H2011 and S5121 with covered ICD 10 codes

HCPCS Modifier Description Diagnosis

G9002 Coordinated Care Fee, Maintenance Rate (Ongoing Children’s Service Coordination) 1 Unit = 15 minutes, PA is required.
G9002 HM Service Coordination Paraprofessional, PA is required.
G9003 Coordinated Care Fee, Risk Adjusted High, Initial (Emergency service coordination). PA is required by Medicaid. 1 Unit = 15 minutes
G9012 Children’s Plan Development. 1 Unit = 15 minutes
H2011 Children’s Crisis Assistance (1 unit = 15 min)
H2011 HM Children’s Crisis Assistance Paraprofessional (1 unit = 15 min)

Based on dates of service, use the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code V60.4 or ICD-10-CM code Z74.2 as the primary diagnosis code for personal care case management.

For more information on which ICD version to use, refer to ICD-9 and ICD-10 Diagnosis Billing Requirements.

S5121 Chore Services (Skilled) Based on dates of service, enter the ICD-9-CM code V60.4 or the ICD-10-CM code Z74.2 for the primary diagnosis.

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