Provider having multiple location - how to enroll

Service Locations:

I have multiple service locations. How do I ensure all mail and checks go to one address?
Checks will be sent to the W9 address listed in the revalidation application. If multiple locations are currently enrolled with separate Medicaid ID numbers, the address to which your checks will be mailed is based on the Pay-To W9 information provided in the revalidation application. If all locations use the same W9 address, then all of your checks will be delivered to that address.

Our current services are provided outside of the office. How do I show this in our revalidation application?
When you revalidate in WV Medicaid, you will record the location of the office administering the provision of services only. Later, when you submit claims to Molina Medicaid Solutions, you will indicate where the services were provided using the National Place of Service code set.

Why do I have to answer the same question when I am adding a rendering provider and I have already provided the information under my service location? There are circumstances where a service location might provide a service that will not include participation by all rendering providers. For instance, a service location may offer Physician Assured Access System (PAAS) services, however not all rendering providers at that location may be eligible to provide PAAS services.

What is the PAAS Program?
The PAAS Program is only applicable to primary care type physicians and provider types. Examples of the provider type, and physician specialties are: Internal Medicine, Family or General Practice, Pediatricians, OB/GYN, FQHC’s, and RHC’s, etc.

I’m not a specialty, or provider type for primary care. How do I answer the questions “Are you a PAAS Provider”, and “Do you want to be a PAAS Provider?
Answer these questions as NO.

Why does the Service Location screen on the PEAP system ask for a minimum and maximum age?
Some provider specialties only accept patients of a certain age. An example would be a pediatrician would only have patients from under 1 year of age to 18 years of age.

Will each service location have to be added? Example we have 41 Service Locations.
Yes every location and Provider at that entity

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