Condition for services of ARNP and PA in physician office

Physician Use of Health Care Extenders (ARNP’s and PA’s):

Physicians must, in accordance with federal and state regulations and accepted professional
standards, use physician extenders appropriately. Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
(ARNPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) may provide health care services to members within the
scope or practice established by the rules and regulations of the State of Florida and SHP

The physician will:

 Assume responsibility, to the extent of the law, when supervising ARNP’s and PA’s

 Inform SHP of all their healthcare extenders and provide their licenses and other
credentialing documentation to the Plan

 Ensure that the ARNP’s or PA’s scope of practice does not extend beyond statutory

 Ensure that ARNP’s and PA’s always identify themselves as such and not allow the
members to assume that the health care professional providing care is a physician

 Provide treatment for any member that is in need of health care services that extends
beyond the ARNP’s or PA’s statutory limitations and/or scope of knowledge

 Honor all member requests to be seen by a physician, rather than the ARNP or PA

 Ensure that ARNP’s or PA’s refer SHP members who require consultation and/or
treatment services to the appropriate participating Plan specialist or facility

 Ensure that all required state and/or national licenses/certifications are current at all times

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