Definition of Qualified Audiologist

Audiological tests require the skills of an audiologist and shall be furnished by qualified audiologists, or, in States where it is allowed by State and local laws, by a physician or non-physician practitioner. Medicare is not authorized to pay for these services when performed by audiological aides, assistants, technicians, or others who do not meet the qualifications below. In cases where it is not clear, the Medicare contractor shall determine whether a service is an audiological service that requires the skills of an audiologist and whether the qualifications for an audiologist have been met.

Section 1861(ll)(3) of the Act, provides that a qualified audiologist is an individual with a master’s or doctoral degree in audiology. Therefore, a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) 4th year student with a provisional license from a State does not qualify unless he or she also holds a master’s or doctoral degree in audiology. In addition, a qualified audiologist is an individual who:

• Is licensed as an audiologist by the State in which the individual furnishes such services, or
• In the case of an individual who furnishes services in a State which does not license audiologists has:

o Successfully completed 350 clock hours of supervised clinical practicum (or is in the process of accumulating such supervised clinical experience), and

ο Performed not less than 9 months of supervised full-time audiology services after obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree in audiology or a related field, and

ο Successfully completed a national examination in audiology approved by the Secretary.

If it is necessary to determine whether a particular audiologist is qualified under the above definition, the carrier should check references. Carriers in States that have statutory licensure or certification should secure from the appropriate State agency a current listing of audiologists holding the required credentials. Additional references for determining an audiologist’s professional qualifications are the national directory published annually by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and records and directories, which may be available from the State Licensing Authority.

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Finally, some information about what an audiologist is. I thought it would have been necessary to be a doctor. Perhaps what is needed is just some technical expertise.

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