Enrolling ERA and EFT with Tricare

Electronic Remittance Advice

The electronic remittance advice (ERA) can help improve the workflow and  productivity of your business office. Available through WPS, the ERA can be automatically loaded into your accounts receivable system, depending upon your software. ERA offers a secure and reliable alternative to manually posting claim adjudication information to your accounts receivable software program and allows you more time to focus on patient care.

The ERA is the electronic equivalent of the provider remittance advice,  containing the same information about claims payments, deductibles, and cost-
shares. It also provides details on how your patients’ claims were paid and, when applicable, why they were denied. WPS generates an ERA as soon as a TRICARE claim is processed.

Depending on your practice management system and internal workflow, ERA can improve your business office’s productivity by:

•     Eliminating the need to manually enter and process paper remittance advices

•     Eliminating errors associated with manual entry

 •     Saving time and costs associated with filing and storing paper remittance advices

•     Decreasing time spent reconciling accounts receivables To enroll for the ERA, download the Provider Authorization for TRICARE West Region Electronic Remittance Advice form at www.triwest.com/provider under the “Find a Form” link. Complete the form and fax it, scan it then e-mail it, or mail it to:

Electronic Funds Transfer

TriWest offers Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to network West Region providers. To be eligible for EFT, network providers must accept Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) and agree to discontinue paper remittance advices.

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