Tricare covered services

TRICARE covers outpatient services such as:

•     Routine office visits
•     Outpatient office-based medical and ambulatory (same-day) surgical care
 •     Consultation, diagnosis, and treatment by a specialist
•     Allergy tests and treatment
•     Rehabilitation services (e.g., physical therapy, speech pathology services, and
occupational therapy)

•     Medical supplies used within the office,  including casts, dressings, and splints

     Certain diagnostic radiology and ultrasound,diagnostic nuclear medicine, pathology and laboratory services, and cardiovascular studies

TRICARE covers medically necessary inpatient services, such as:

•     Hospitalization in a semiprivate room (or in special care units when medically necessary) with general nursing, hospital service, and inpatient physician and surgical services
•     Meals, including special diets
•     Drugs and medications during an inpatient stay
•     Operating and recovery room
•     Anesthesia
•     Laboratory tests
•     X-rays and other radiology services

•     Necessary medical supplies and appliances
•     Blood and blood products

The services listed below will be discussed in more detail:
•     Adjunctive dental care
•     Ambulance services
•     Clinical preventive services
•     Durable medical equipment (DME)
•     Emergency care
•     Home health care
•     Hospice care

•     Injectable medications requiring prior authorization by TriWest
•     Maternity care
•     Skilled nursing facility (SNF) care
•     Urgent care
•     Vision care

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