Who can be called as physician ?

Definition of Physician/Practitioner

For purposes of this provision, the term “physician” is limited to doctors of medicine; doctors of osteopathy; doctors of dental surgery or of dental medicine; doctors of podiatric medicine; and doctors of optometry who are legally authorized to practice dentistry, podiatry, optometry, medicine, or surgery by the State in which such function or action is performed; no other physicians may opt out. Also, for purposes of this provision, the term “practitioner” means any of the following to the extent that they are legally authorized to practice by the State and otherwise meet Medicare requirements:

• Physician assistant;
• Nurse practitioner;
• Clinical nurse specialist;
• Certified registered nurse anesthetist;
• Certified nurse midwife;
• Clinical psychologist;
• Clinical social worker;
• Registered dietitian; or
• Nutrition Professional

The opt out law does not define “physician” to include chiropractors; therefore, they may not opt out of Medicare and provide services under private contract. Physical therapists in independent practice and occupational therapists in independent practice cannot opt out because they are not within the opt out law’s definition of either a “physician” or “practitioner”

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