Electronic Claims Submission - introduction and benefits - can we use free software?


Submitting Medicaid claims via electronic media offers the advantage of speed
and accuracy in processing. Providers may submit electronic claims
themselves or choose a billing agent that offers electronic claim submission
services. Billing agents must enroll as Medicaid providers.


 The benefits of electronic claims submission include:
·  Increase speed of claims payments, seven days in some cases.
·  Correct data entry errors immediately, avoiding mailing time and costs.
·  Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of claims paperwork.
·  Reduce office space required for storing claim forms, envelopes, etc.
·  Decrease mailing costs.
·  Decrease clerical labor costs.
·  Automate the office for a more efficient operation.

Free Software 

The Medicaid fiscal agent has PC-based software, called WINASAP2003, which
enables providers to submit claims electronically on IBM compatible personal
computers (PC) in their offices.

Providers can transmit the claims via telephone lines directly to the Medicaid
fiscal agent.

The WINASAP2003 software, user manual and technical support is available
free of charge to Florida Medicaid providers.

How to Participate in Electronic Claims Submission

The fiscal agent’s field representatives will assist providers with installing
WINASAP2003 software as well as assist with initial testing and instructions for
ongoing claims submission. To schedule an appointment with a field
representative or for any non-software questions, call Provider Inquiry at 800-

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