Primary Care Physician Protocols

If these Primary Care Physician Protocols differ from or conflict with other Protocols in connection with any matter pertaining to Evercare Institutional Customers, these Primary Care Physician Protocols will govern unless statutes and regulations dictate otherwise.

The Primary Care Physician will cooperate with and be bound by these additional protocols:

1. A ttend Primary Care Physician orientation session and annual Primary Care Physician meetings thereafter.
2. C onduct face-to-face initial and ongoing assessments of the medical needs of Evercare Institutional Customers, including all assessments mandated by regulatory requirements.
3. D eliver health care to Evercare Institutional Customers at their place of residence in collaboration with the Primary Care Team.
4. Family Care Conferences - Participate in formal and informal conferences with responsible parties, family and/or legal guardian of the Evercare Institutional Customer to discuss the Evercare Institutional Customer’s condition, care needs, overall plan of care and goals of care, including advance care planning.
5. Primary Care Team Collaboration and Coordination - Collaborate with other members of the Primary Care Team designated by Evercare and any other treating professionals to provide and arrange for the provision of covered services to Evercare Institutional Customers. This includes, but is not limited to, making joint visits with other Primary Care Team members to Evercare Institutional Customers and participating in formal and informal conferences with Primary Care Team members and/or other treating professionals following a scheduled Evercare Institutional Customer reassessment, significant change in plan of care and/or condition.
6. C ollaborate with Evercare when a change in the Primary Care Team is necessary.
7. Provide Evercare a minimum of forty-five (45) calendar days prior notice when discontinuing delivery of covered services at any facility where Evercare Institutional Customers reside.
8. When admitting an Evercare Institutional Customer to a hospital, notify Evercare or Payer immediately if the admission is for an emergency or for observation.

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