HCPCS - Level 2 Codes

Categories include:
Transportation Services Including Ambulance A0021 - A0999
Medical and Surgical Supplies A4206 - A7509
Administrative, Miscellaneous and Investigational A9150 - A9901
Enteral and Parenteral Therapy B4034- B9999
Temporary codes for use with Outpatient PPS C1010 - C9711
Dental Procedures D0120 - D9999
Durable Medical Equipment E0100 - E2101
Procedures/Professional Services (Temporary) G0001 - G9016
Rehabilitive Services H0001 - H2001
Drugs Administered Other Than Oral Method J0120 - J8999
Chemotherapy Drugs J9000 - J9999
K Codes Assigned to DMERC (Temporary) K0001 - K0597
Orthotic Procedures L0100 - L4398
Prosthetic Procedures L5000 - L9900
Medical Services M0064 - M0301
Pathology and Laboratory Services P2028 - P9615
Q Codes (Temporary) Q0035 - Q9940
Diagnostic Radiology Services R0070 - R0076
Temporary National Codes (non-medicare) S0009 - S9999
National T Codes for State Medicaid Agencies T1000 - T2007
Vision Services V2100 - V2799
Hearing Services V5008 - V5364

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