How to Buy Good Medical Billing Books

There are an overwhelming number of medical billing books available in the market today.  The electronic types, popularly known as eBooks are gaining more attention because it can easily be downloaded through the internet.  No matter how interesting the title is or how cheap the book is, do not rely on these factors in purchasing medical billing books.  There are things you must consider when choosing which one to purchase.
Do not just look at the title and the summary of a medical billing book.  Though the text is smaller, the author is also an important factor to consider.  If you really want to buy a good book about medical billing, research on the author.  Look at their credentials as well as their accomplishments.  Do not rely on their statements.  Their record should speak for itself.

Not all medical books are the same.  In fact, there are books that only tackle one specific part within the medical billing career.  If you really want to learn all you need to learn, you could buy several books.  This is, of course, not a practical thing to do.  It is expensive and unnecessary.  Research on each book with regards to the topics it tackles and the information it provides.  The important topics that should be part of a really good medical billing book are: Claim Processing, Insurance (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary), Forms that are commonly used, Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, PPO, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Patient Billing, Aging Reports, Account Receivables, Commonly used Terms, HIPAA, Training, ICD diagnosis and CPT procedure codes and their uses.

If you are planning on starting a medical billing business company or a home-based medical billing career, look for books written by authors who have experienced starting one up.  First-hand experience is very important.  Getting information from someone who has that experience would truly be beneficial.  Some of the things you need to see in a book for medical billing business start-up books are: About medical billing contracts, expected income, what is needed when starting a medical billing business, rates and prices, medical billing software, electronic file claiming, and, of course, the business plan of medical billing.

You should also find a book that would help you market your medical billing business.  Find a book that would help you on how to get a client, techniques on effective marketing, tips on how to talk to potential clients, and how to stand out in the growing world of medical businesses.

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