what is Children Medical Services (CMS)?

Children Medical Services (CMS)

Children with special health care needs are those children under age 21 whose serious or chronic physical or developmental conditions require extensive preventive and maintenance care beyond that required by typically healthy children. These Medicaid-eligible children with special health care needs have the option of enrolling with the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Network. The CMS Network is administered by the Florida Department of Health.

The CMS Network provides a family centered, managed system of care for children with special health care needs. CMS offers a full range of care, which includes prevention and early intervention services; primary and specialty care; as well as long-term care for medically complex, fragile children. Examples of chronic conditions are short gut syndrome, leukemia, diabetes, etc. CMS determines the medical eligibility for the program. If you have a member who may benefit from CMS services please call us at the UM Department at 1-800-887-6888 ext. 2271, or contact CMS directly at 1-800-245-4200. You may find additional information at www.cms-kids.com.

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