What Is ERA?
All Medicare Part B providers are eligible and can take advantage of ERA.

• ERA files are produced daily and include all claims and adjustments for both electronic and paper claims.
• The GPNet communication platform is used to provide a direct mailbox system for ANSI X12 835. Providers will need a single analog telephone line, asynchronous modem and communication software that support X-modem, Y-modem, Z-modem or Kermit protocol.

• GPNet supports Medicare Part B electronic remittance in the ANSI X12 Versions 4010/A1.

• Providers can save time and money by using ERA to eliminate manual posting of claims payments. Medicare Part B payments can be posted to patient accounts automatically by programming an interface that will allow for the exchange of data.

• Electronic remittance files not downloaded remain in the mailbox for 14 days from the date of the file. Upon request, files can be reloaded into the mailbox as far back as 60 days.

How to Enroll in ERA

The ERA application can be downloaded from:

A link to the ERA Receiver's Request form is on this page. This is a one-page form that can be completed and faxed to (469) 372-1045. After receipt of the ERA Receivers Request form, TrailBlazer will set up an electronic mailbox with a receiver number and password.

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