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Medicare Remit Easy Print
Since ERA 835 files are not suitable for viewing, CMS has approved a new software package called Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP). MREP is user-friendly software that will allow the user to convert an 835 file into a readable Standard Paper Remittance (SPR). There are also reporting features that will summarize the ERA data.

Providers can take advantage of free MREP software now available for viewing and printing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant ERA. The MREP software gives providers and suppliers the following abilities:

• Easy navigation and viewing of the ERA using a personal computer.
• Printing of the ERA in the SPR format.
• Search capability that allows providers and suppliers the ability to find claims information easily.
• Print and export reports about ERAs including denied, adjusted and deductible-applied claims.
• Easy-to-use method to archive, restore and delete imported ERAs.
Providers and suppliers can view and print as many or as few claims as needed. This will be especially helpful when providers need to print only one claim from the remittance advice when forwarding the claim to a secondary payer. This free software can save time resolving Medicare claim issues. Take advantage of the MREP features unavailable with the SPR.
The software can be downloaded free from the TrailBlazer Web site at http://www.trailblazerhealth.com/Electronic%20Data%20Interchange/Electronic%20Remittance%20Advice/Default.aspx. CMS is trying to reduce the number of paper remittances that contractors print and mail. If a provider/submitter receives the electronic 835, there is no need for the paper copy. Medicare contractors are no longer allowed to print and mail the SPR 45 days after a provider has enrolled in ERA.

Reference Document
CMS provides a reference document entitled Understanding the Remittance Advice: A Guide for Medicare Providers, Physicians, Suppliers, and Billers. Anyone interested in learning more about ERA can visit the CMS Web site at:


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