Can we bill patient for not updating COB

Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of benefits (COB) refers to two or more insurance plans covering one individual,
coordinating their respective benefits to share the cost of health care. COB rules identify one plan as the
primary payer (this plan pays regular contract benefits first) and the other plan as secondary (this plan
pays the balance of charges up to the limits of its contract, but never more than what it would have paid if

It is the member’s responsibility to provide other insurance information to BCBSF annually. A form is
mailed to the member to complete and return. Many of our members may also update their other
insurance information directly online. Providers can access the BCBSA COB Questionnaire on our
website, and also request copies of our COB brochure.

Members who do not update other insurance information may have their claims denied and will be
responsible for the charges. Providers may bill the member for services that were denied for lack of other
insurance information.

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