Most used modifier of E & M code 99201, 99499

Modifiers Available in the DoD for E&M in the range 99201-99499. 

Coders should be in the habit of using appropriate modifiers.  At this time, not all modifiers are accepted in the Ambulatory Data Module.  There will be times when modifiers will not be accepted.  In this instance, discontinue entering the code until it is announced that codes are available.  For all other modifiers, enter them.  At this time, the SADR, a feed from your server to a central database, does not have a field for modifiers.  The Third Party Collection Program (TPCP) feed does transmit the modifiers listed below to the billing system.  The modifiers listed below are also available from your server.

-21 Prolonged E&M services (use only on highest level of E&M)
-24 Unrelated E&M by same physician during a postoperative period
-25 Significant, separately identifiable E&M by same physician on same day
-57 Decision for Surgery

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