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Medical billing services
Feeling stretched too thinly? If so you will find our medical billing services can help you tremendously and it doesn’t matter if you’re located within Indiana or outside the state, we can handle medical billing claims nationwide.  

When you decide you’d like to use our medical billing services, we know that each provide and practice is completely individual in their needs and we will consult with your to find out what your concerns are regarding your billing. We will set your office up to communicate your medical billing claims via secure transmission to our office. If you’re interested in the rest of our Medical Billing Services we can also do the following to help you and your practice:

We will do all your data entry for you. Your medical billing claims will be filed for you. Nearly all will be filed via electronic claims methods but we still can handle manually handling paper claims whenever necessary.
We can mail our statements to your patients that will be mailed on your behalf from our office. If you have specifics that you want on your statements and you have a certain way you like to handle collection accounts and past due notices, let us know, we won’t change a thing and will continue to bill and handle claims exactly as you wish. We can also handle your payments. As the payments and EOBs are received related to your practice. We will enter them in our database. Your staff can log into to a patient’s account at any time and see the updated information at anytime as the changes are immediate.

If you have a problem with denials, simply outsourcing will lower your denial rate to around 1% of your total medical billing claims, in the event there is a denial, we will fight to get your claim approved.

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