renal dialysis facility provider type and speciality number

Renal Dialysis Facility

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) services are outpatient maintenance services provided by a freestanding ESRD facility or hospital-based renal dialysis center

National Provider Identifier, Type, and Specialty A provider who contracts with Alabama Medicaid as a renal dialysis provider is added to the Medicaid system with the National Provider Identifiers provided at the time application is made. Appropriate provider specialty codes are assigned to enable the provider to submit requests and receive reimbursements for dialysis-related claims.

The 10-digit NPI is required when filing a claim.

Renal Dialysis Facility providers are assigned a provider type of 30 (Renal Dialysis Facility). The valid specialty for Renal Dialysis Facility providers is Hemodialysis (300).

Enrollment Policy for Renal Dialysis Facility Providers

To participate in Medicaid, End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) facilities/centers must meet the following requirements:

• Certification for participation in the Title XVIII Medicare Program
• Approval by the appropriate licensing authority

Satellites and sub-units of facilities or centers must be separately approved and contracted with Medicaid

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