Prior authorization - electronic request require attachment

Electronic PA Requests Requiring Attachments

If attachments are required for PA review the attachments must be sent to HP to be scanned into the system. Do not fax this information to the Alabama Medicaid Agency unless a request is made for specific information by the agency reviewer. Attachments scanned can be located in the system and are linked by the PA number on the Prior Authorization response returned by the system. Refer to Chapter 15 of the Provider Electronic Solutions Manual for specific information. This chapter provides instructions for submitting electronic 278 requests. Please be aware that the need to link the
attachments sent hard copy with a PA request submitted electronically has resulted in delays in PA processing. In an effort to expedite this process follow the instructions below taken from Chapter 15, Submitting Prior Authorization Requests, Provider Electronic Solutions Manual.

Please print a copy of the Prior Authorization response, which is received after your submission, and attach the response to your attachments. Fax them to (334) 215-4298, Attn: PA Unit, or mail the attachments to: Attn: PA Unit P. O. Box 244032 Montgomery, AL 36124

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