Medical billing - prior authorization request

Submitting a Prior Authorization Request

To receive approval for a PA request, you must submit a complete request using one of the approved submission forms. This section describes how to submit online and paper PA requests, and includes the following sections:

• Submitting PAs (278 Health Care Services Review-Request for Review and Response) using Provider Electronic Solutions

• Submitting Paper PA Requests

Submitting PAs Using Provider Electronic Solutions

Beginning December 1, 1999, you can submit electronic PA requests using HP Provider Electronic Solutions software, available to you at no charge. If you already use this software, you will be mailed an upgrade; if you do not currently use the software, but would like to order a copy, refer to Appendix B, Electronic Media Claims Guidelines, for contact information. The electronic
278 Health Care Services Review- Request for Review and Response claim is not limited to the use of the Provider Electronic Software. Providers may use other vendor’s software to submit a 278 electronic claim.

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