different way of submitting electronic claims

Electronic claims may be submitted using a variety of methods:

• Provider Electronic Solutions software, provided at no charge to Alabama Medicaid providers

• Value Added Networks (VANs) or billing services on behalf of an Alabama Medicaid provider

• Tapes or other electronic media, as mutually agreed to by the Alabama Medicaid Agency and the vendor

Electronic Claims Submission (ECS) offers providers a faster and easier way to submit Medicaid claims. When you send your claims electronically, there is no need to complete paper Medicaid forms. Your claim information is submitted directly from your computer to HP.

If filing claims using the PES software, please refer to the Provider Electronic Solutions User Manual for the appropriate claim filing instructions and values. Electronic claims begin processing as soon as they are received by the system. Paper claims must go through lengthy processing procedures, which could result in
delayed payment on the claims. An electronically submitted claim displays on the next Remittance Advice (RA) following the claim submission. Unless your claim suspends for medical policy reasons, it should finalize (pay or deny) in the checkwriting step.

All of the Electronic Claims Submission (ECS) options are provided free of charge. Providers also have the option of using software from a software vendor or programmer. HP furnishes file specifications at no charge. If you have further questions or wish to order software, contact the HP Electronic Claims
Submission (ECS) Help Desk at 1(800) 456-1242 (out of state providers call (334)

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