PCP roles and responsibility

36. The provider agrees that provisions will be made to minimize
sources and transmission of infection.

37. The provider agrees to maintain communication with the
appropriate agencies such as local police, social services
agencies and poison control centers to provide quality
member care.

38. The provider agrees that any notation in a member’s clinical
clinical record indicating diagnostic or therapeutic intervention
as part of clinical research will be clearly contrasted
with entries regarding the provision of non-research
related care.

39. The PCP is encouraged to participate with Florida’s
Immunization Registry (SHOTS).

40. The PCP agrees to provide immunization information to
the DCF upon receipt of member’s written permission
and DCF’s request for members requesting temporary
cash assistance from the DCF.

41. The PCP agrees to attempt to obtain medical records on
any member(s) receiving services from a non-network
provider using the proper release signed by the member.
These services include, but are not limited to: family
planning, preventive services and sexually transmitted

42. The PCP agrees to maintain vaccines safely and in
accordance with specific guidelines, to provide member
immunizations according to professional standards and
to maintain up-to-date member immunization records.

43. The PCP for Medicaid members must use their Vaccines
for Children Program (VFC) supply. The VFC program
covers children from birth to 18 years of age. Florida
Medicaid requires vaccines for Medicaid children from
birth through 20 years of age. Members 19 through 20
years of age should receive their vaccinations from their
PCP and will be reimbursed at the applicable Medicaid

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