Medicare was always primary ?. How do you determine primary or secondary?

In most cases, Medicare is primary. Some of the most common situations where Medicare can pay secondary are:

-The individual or his/her spouse is currently employed/working and covered under an employer group health plan as a result of current employment.The company has 20 or more employees or participates in a multiple

-employer or multi-employer group health plan where at least one employer has 20 or more employees.

-Individual in question is entitled to Medicare as a result of a disability, the company has 100 or more employees, or participates in a multi-employer/multiple-employer group health plan where one employer has 100 or more employees.

-The individual in question is Medicare entitled due to end-stage renal disease. Medicare is the secondary payer to a group health plan until a 30-month coordination period has ended.

-For further explanation on how Medicare pays with other types of insurance, please read:Medicare Coordination of Benefits, Welcome to the Medicare Secondary Payer and You Page page on

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