How to track Medicare enrollment application

Tracking the Application

Medicaid insurance tracks the status of each application as it moves from initial review to approval or denial. Upon receipt of the application, Medicaid insurance date stamps the application and enters the provider name, contact name, contact phone number, and date received into a tracking system. A member of the Medicaid insurance enrollment team reviews the application based on state-defined criteria and makes a determination within five business days.

• If the application is approved, Medicaid insurance generates an enrollment notification letter listing the NPI number submitted by the provider and then mails the letter and a provider manual to the provider within two business days of approval.

• If the application is denied, Medicaid insurance sends a letter to the provider listing the denial reason and providing a contact at Medicaid through which the
provider may appeal the decision.

• If the application is incomplete, Medicaid insurance returns it accompanied by a letter listing the necessary information Medicaid insurance requires to complete the enrollment process.

When Medicaid insurance returns an application to the provider, an enrollment representative logs the return date in the tracking system. When the provider corrects and returns the application, Medicaid insurance logs the date returned.

Providers may determine the status of their applications by contacting Medicaid insurance Provider Enrollment at 1 (888) 223-3630 (out of state providers call
(334) 215-0111).

To check on the status of the application, the enrollment representative will
ask for the provider’s name, NPI number, telephone number, and Social
Security Number (SSN) or Federal Identification Number (FEIN).

Medicaid insurance maintains applications and includes additional correspondence received from providers on file.


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