Fastest way of getting NPI

What is the fastest way that I can obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) for me or my organization?

The web-based NPI application process is the fastest and most efficient way for a health care provider to obtain an NPI. To apply, go to

How should a provider request the National Provider Identifier (NPI) of another provider?

t is very important that health care providers share their NPIs with health plans and with other health care providers who need their NPIs for transaction purposes. For example, providers who refer patients to one another may need to report the referring providers’ NPIs on health care claims. The NPI Final Rule, at 45 CFR 162.410(a)(3), requires a covered health care provider to disclose its NPI to any entity that needs it for use in HIPAA standard transactions. However, the NPI Final Rule is silent on how providers should request each others NPIs. Therefore, any means, verbal or written, may be acceptable based on the business process that each provider has created to make or accommodate these requests.

If a covered health care provider refuses to disclose his/her/its NPI for purposes of use in a HIPAA transaction, that provider may be subject to actions under the Enforcement Rule if a complaint is filed with CMS.

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