EFT effective date vs. settlement date

*  The EFT effective date communicated to you via the confirmation e-mail is the effective date in our system and doesn’t take into account bank processing time or the availability of adjudicated claims available to be paid out on that day.

*  Once the 10-day pre-note period ends, there are 3 business days between when an EFT is issued, until
settlement of funds to your account(s). To accurately predict when the first EFT will settle to your bank account, please contact your bank or add at least 3-4 business days to your EFT effective date.

*  When we begin issuing your EFTs, the payment date listed in your ERA will match the date listed on your EFT addenda and it will reflect the actual date the funds will be available in your bank account. However, the date on the online EOB will not match the deposit date of the EFT. The online EOB date is the date that the EOB was issued, not the deposit date.

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