disability insurance and workmens compensation insurance

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

This insurance policy protects the insured party from legal liabilities against injury or death of any of his employees who is a "workman" as defined by the Workmen's Compensation Act.

This insurance policy is necessary for every employer since it indemnifies him against his legal liability as an "employer" towards accidental or fatal injuries sustained by his work men during work.

On extra payment of premium, medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses including transportation costs are also covered.

Liabilities that may arise owing to diseases mentioned in Section III (C) of Workmen's Compensation Act during the course of employment are also covered

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance replaces incomes which individual lose if he has a long-term illness or injury and cannot work. This is an important type of coverage for working-age people to consider. Disability insurance does not cover the cost of rehabilitation if an individual is injured.

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