No Fault insurance coverage related to motor vehicle

No Fault insurance is medical coverage for injuries that are related to motor vehicles accidents. No fault is always primary, no matter what other insurance coverage a person may have, in states where car insurance is mandatory.

No fault claims usually have to be reported within two weeks at a maximum. In some states, it's as soon as 48 hours. So we need to submit a claims ASAP. For medical facilities, there is usually an extra form that has to be completed to describe the details of the accident and the injuries of the patient. Because there are so many insurance carriers for no fault, sometimes the medical facility won't have these forms, and they'll have to be obtained from the insurance company.

Most people don't know that any injury that occurs with a motor vehicle is considered a no fault claim. If you slam your finger in a car door, that's no fault. If you're injured in a car accident while on work time, that's considered a no fault claim. If a motorcycle hits you, it's a no fault claim, although many insurance companies won't cover motorcycles, and those that do won't cover motorcycles ridden out of season (some states have certain times of the year where motorcycles are supposed to be off the road).

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