General EDI software requirment

EDI software must include the following themes in published material:

•       Earlier payment of claims because of different payment floor requirements;
•       The benefit of earlier detection of errors via edits;
•       The relative ease of EDI and support available;
•       Advantages of online correction of errors (FIs only);
•       Lower administrative, postage, and handling costs;
•       Electronic adjustments (FIs only);
•       Availability of free software;
•       Claims status inquiry; and
•       Eligibility query.

They must include in written materials testimonials and/or case studies from providers and facilities that have benefited from using EDI transactions.

These materials may be produced in-house or by local printing companies. The contents must be maintained up to date. Therefore, carriers and FIs must carefully plan print quantities to match planned distribution to avoid unnecessary waste.

They must make the material available to staff that have contact with the provider community and make arrangements for distribution at trade shows and seminars that the carrier or FI does not attend as well as those that they do attend.

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