Urology V codes - diagnosis code

Using ICD-9 V Codes
When circumstances other than a disease or injury need to be recorded as a diagnosis, a V code must be used. Some examples are: a patient comes in for a prostate check-up because of family history; a patient is seen due to his desire to be an organ donor; or a problem is present that influences the patient's health but is not, in itself, a current injury or illness.

V codes are now more commonly accepted by insurers for many conditions. Here are some examples of V codes used by urologists:

ICD-9 V Codes

V01.6 Contact with or exposure to communicable diseases, venereal disease
V10.46 Personal history of malignant neoplasm, prostate
V55.6 Attention to artificial openings, other artificial opening of urinary tract (nephrostomy, ureterostomy, urethrostomy)
V64.41 Laparoscopic surgical procedure converted to open procedure

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