Therapy billing CPT 97026, 97032, 97033

Infrared therapy (CPT code 97026)

Similar to the reasoning discussed above, AOTA requests that language limiting treatment to situations when “the patient’s condition is complicated by circulatory deficiency, areas of desensitization, open wounds, fractures or other complications” be deleted.

Electrical Stimulation (CPT code 97032)

Similar to the reasoning discussed under the Mechanical Traction section, patients with acute conditions may not be able to tolerate any therapeutic procedures initially. AOTA suggests revising the last sentence in the forth paragraph to:
Electrical stimulation is generally utilized with other therapeutic modalities and/or
procedures to affect continued improvement.

For the same reasons discussed above, AOTA takes issue with the suggestion that the typical treatment is limited to twelve (12) sessions per month and requests that this rule of thumb be removed.

Electric Current Therapy (CPT code 97033)

AOTA agrees that often “3-6 treatments are necessary to assess the effectiveness of this modality.” AOTA suggests some additional text to indicate that continued use beyond these initial treatments is covered when there is objective evidence of the clinical effectiveness of this modality.

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