Medical billing Q & A - Difference between type of question

Difference between inclusive and bundled
AS far as I know both are same. Different insurance use different terms.

Difference between authorization and pre-authorization in medical billing?
Both are same however pre-authorization is the one we need to get before providing the service

difference between 11 & 12 place of service
11 - office (Provider location) visit and 12 - Patient home

difference between appeal limit and filing limit+medical billing
Filing limit is first time filing and appeal limit is time frame to appeal the claim after denial or low payment.

difference between billed amount and allowed amount
difference between fee and allowable in anesthesia billing
Billed amount - What provider billed the insurance.
Allowed amount - What the insurance agree to pay

Difference between claim rejection and denial+medical billing

We can use both word for same meaning. However rejection can't be appeal and denial can be appeal.

Difference between medicare part a and part b
In basic level
Part A covers hospital and facility billing
Part b covers provider billing

Difference between co 16 and co 50
CO - 16 - Lack of information - check additional denial
CO - 50 - check the CPT and DX combination.

Difference between write off and adjustments in medical billing
Both are same.

Difference between claim and remittance
Claim - Form to use file the information and send it to insurance CMS 1500
remittance - EOB

Above are the list of question or Quiz which we have received in the past. We have tried to answer as much as possible in coming days. Please  if you have any additional information on this then use the comments sections.

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