Critical care POS and billing CPT 82962, 36416, 85025 , 36415 together


Can use claim consultation code with HMO insurance 2010?

Ans : Yes. If it’s not Medicare HMO.

Note : Prevent 99251-99245 denials in 2010 with this checklist. Multiple physicians using the same hospital codes sound like a recipe for denials, but that’s what Medicare is instructing physician inpatient consultants and care coordinators to do.

Can critical care place of service be in the emergency department

Ans : Yes. We can bill.

Note : Critical care services can be billed in any place of services (i.e. ER, Hospital, Urgent Care, Physician's office). The intrahospital and interhospital transfer of critically ill patients is an inevitable part of emergency department practice. Critically ill patients have a high risk of morbidity and mortality during transport. The   current recommendations for the transfer of critically ill patients, with a particular focus on pre-transfer stabilisation, hazards during transport and the personnel, equipment and communications necessary throughout the transfer process.

Can you charge CPT 82962 and 36416 together?

Ans :  No.
Note : If you are submitted together with CPT 36416 will not be separately reimbursed when submitted with 82962.

Can I bill both CPT codes 85025 and CPT code 36415

Ans : No.

Note : If you have billed CPT 36415 with 85025 they will not be separately reimbursed.

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