Billing tips for CPT 28899,64455,64632 AND 20550

 Injections - Tendon, Ligament, Ganglion Cyst, Tunnel Syndromes and Morton's Neuroma

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Injections - Tendon, Ligament, Ganglion Cyst, Tunnel Syndromes and Morton's Neuroma

1. Though there are many similarities between tarsal tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome, there is as yet no specific CPT code for tarsal tunnel injection. Tarsal tunnel injections should be billed with CPT code 28899 (unlisted procedure, foot or toes).

2. When billing for the injection of tarsal tunnel syndrome with CPT code 28899, please place "tarsal tunnel syndrome," in Item 19 on the CMS-1500 claim form or the electronic equivalent.

3. When injection therapies for tarsal tunnel syndromes include "Baxter's injections" and/or injections for Morton’s neuroma use CPT codes 64455 or 64632.

4. Morton's neuromas injections do not involve the structures described by CPT codes 20550 and 20551 or direct injection into other peripheral nerves but rather the injection of tissue surrounding a specific focus of inflammation on the foot. These therapies are not to be coded using CPT codes 20550, 20551, 64450, or 64640. Most specifically, the provider must not bill CPT codes 64450 or 64640 for these injections, since those codes respectively address the additional work of an injection of an anesthetic agent (nerve block), neurolytic or sclerosing agent into relatively more difficult peripheral nerves, rather than that involved in an injection of relatively easily localized areas.

5. Injections for plantar fasciitis are billed with CPT code 20550 and ICD-9-CM 728.71. Injections for calcaneal spurs are billed as other tendon origin/insertions with CPT code 20551.

6. Injections that include both the plantar fascia and the area around a calcaneal spur are to be reported using a single CPT code 20551.

The HCPCS/CPT code(s) may be subject to Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits. This policy does not take precedence over CCI edits. Please refer to the CCI for correct coding guidelines and specific applicable code combinations prior to billing Medicare.

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