What should i do - Lost or Stolen Medicare Cards

Lost or Stolen Medicare Cards 

Every year, Medicare receives thousands of calls and letters from beneficiaries stating their Medicare cards have been lost or stolen and used by others. Identity fraud, in the form of beneficiary impersonation, is a serious problem.

Physicians should consider photocopying each beneficiary ’ s driver license or some other form of valid picture identification. With this type of identification on file, office staff can quickly look at the picture on record to ensure that the patient receiving the service is actually the beneficiary named on the Medicare card. 

The physician is responsible for verifying the identity of all patients receiving services. Physicians should be cautious of receiving false addresses, telephone numbers, or Medicare cards from their patients. If services are rendered to a beneficiary impersonator, the physician may be liable for an over- payment. 

In the case of suspected identity fraud, physicians are encouraged to contact their Medicare contractor or call the national Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Inspector General (DHHS/OIG) hotline directly at: 1-800-HHS-TIPS.

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Judy said...

Great post!
All people should really be vigilant this days.
The crooks doesn't stop from refining their criminal ways!

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