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Did you know you can send Coordination of Benefits (COB) claims electronically? Simply create and submit compliant claims in the HIPAA standard and ANSI 837 format.

If you already submit claims electronically to us, then follow the same process to send COB claims.
If you are interested in sending claims electronically, review the following information.

Electronic claim submission (aka Electronic Data Interchange or EDI) can help improve productivity,
efficiency and cash flow. Claims get to CIGNA faster, with less paperwork and there are no printing or mailing expenses

How to get started

You have two options for submitting claims electronically to CIGNA HealthCare. Connect directly to
CIGNA HealthCare systems using selected software or indirectly using a clearinghouse.

Post-N-Track – Post-N-Track, a web-based service, allows you to submit claims directly to  CIGNA, receive electronic remittance advice and exchange electronic claim inquiry and response transactions.

Post-N-Track software is free to CIGNA participating providers. If you are interested in this cost-effective alternative to paying clearinghouse transaction fees, contact Post-N-Track at 1.860.257.2030 or by e-mail at


Using a clearinghouse is a common solution to submitting electronic claims and inquiry transactions to CIGNA.

Advantages of Electronic Claim Submission

■ Electronic claim submission can help improve claim accuracy while decreasing the chance of transcription errors and missing data by flagging claims with missing or invalid demographic data and allowing resubmission and returns.
■ Claims received electronically are automatically archived before processing.
■ You only need one payer ID to submit claims.
■ Incomplete or invalid claims can be reviewed and corrected online.
■ You can view, track and monitor claim status reports online.


Claims Submission Enrollment

To complete the Claims Submission portion, enter the PTAN (Provider ID) and the Submitter ID on the form and the application will return an enrollment date for claims submission linkage. Note: The Claims Submission Date is an approximation of the date that the Submitter ID and PTAN were linked for claims submission. This date may actually have occurred prior to the date listed. If Submitters are able to currently submit for this PTAN, please continue to do so.

Electronic Remittance Linkage

To complete the Electronic Remittance Linkage, enter the PTAN and the Submitter ID/Receiver ID on the form, and it will return an enrollment date for electronic remittance linkage.

Note: This linkage can only occur for one Submitter ID/Receiver ID. A PTAN cannot have multiple
linkages for electronic remittances.

If you are a provider waiting for a Railroad Medicare provider number (PTAN), please wait before submitting any EDI enrollment forms. You must have a Railroad Medicare provider number before completing any EDI paperwork. If you do not have a provider number, please complete a Request for Railroad Medicare PTAN for Electronic Billers form. The form is available on our website or you may call our Provider Enrollment department toll-free at 888-355-9165 to apply.


PC-ACE Pro32 Software is a Windows-based, self-contained claim entry system for submission of ANSI 837 v5010 claims files for all Medicare lines of business. The only requirement for obtaining a copy of the software is that you must have an active Submitted ID. The software may be downloaded from our EDI Software & Manuals page on our website. From our homepage, select Topics, then select EDI, and then select Software & Manuals.


Another option that may be available to you is electronic claims submission through your automated billing system. If y ou currently use a computer billing system that submits claims to other Medicare MACs and insurers, that system may also be capable of submitting your Railroad Medicare claims. Please check with your software vendor to see if electronic billing is available. Vendor software can enable you to bill your claims electronically and can provide other office accounting functions, such as Electronic Remittance Notices. Electronic Remittances save time by posting automatically to your patients’ accounts. When choosing a system, it is important to consider whether you plan on using the computer for billing only or if you intend to use the computer for both billing and office accounting functions.

We look forward to assisting you with any questions you may have. Additional electronic submission information can be downloaded from the Palmetto GBA website at or by contacting the Palmetto GBA EDI Help Desk at 888-355-9165. Press 2 for EDI, and then for technical assistance with electronic billing, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and other EDI issues, press 0.

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