Social security administration and Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

Social Security Administration (SSA) 

The SSA, an independent agency, has special responsibilities in five major benefit areas: retirement, disability, family benefits, survivors, and Medicare. SSA assures that beneficiaries are eligible for Medicare benefits and enrolls them in Parts A and/or B, Black Lung (the Funds Program), or Medi- care + Choice. When a patient enrolls in Medicare, SSA issues an enrollment package and a Medi- care identification card. SSA is also responsible for: Maintaining deductible status Replacing lost or stolen Medicare cards Address changes Maintaining and establishing beneficiary enrollment Collecting premiums from beneficiaries Educating beneficiaries regarding coverage and insurance choices

Office of the Inspector General (OIG) 

The OIG, a DHHS organization, helps to protect Medicare by investigating suspected fraud or abuse and developing cases. It audits and inspects CMS programs and may act against individual healthcare providers through civil monetary penalties and exclusions, such as the exclusion of providers con- victed of healthcare related offenses. When appropriate, OIG has the authority to refer cases to the U.S. Department of Justice for criminal or civil action.

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