Medicare EDI edit - MSP - loop 2400

Attention all Part B EDI Customers!
An important message from the Medicare EDI Services Department at Highmark Medicare Services:

Effective July 6, 2010, there will be a new Medicare MSP Edit M433 that will validate that the other payer approved amount field (2400 AMT) is greater than or equal to the other payer paid amount field (2430 SVD) when both values are submitted.  Edit M433 will be informational for 30 days as of July 6, 2010, on the MCS Edit Report.   Effective August 6, 2010, this edit will result in a rejection on the MCS Edit Report.

The Medicare Edit M433 – Missing/Invalid Data – will occur as follows:
2400 AMT loop/segment is present with AMT01=AAE,  2430 SVD02 loop/segment is present and the allowed amount submitted in 2400 AMT02 is less than the paid amount submitted in 2430 SVD02.

Note:  Zeroes are valid dollar amounts for this edit.

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