Inpatient Hospital Deductible ( Medicare part A)

The patient is responsible for a deductible amount for inpatient hospital services in each benefit period. For each year after 1991, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is required to set the deductible and coinsurance amounts between September 1 and September 15 of the preceding year. The deductible will be set at an amount equal to the deductible for the preceding year, changed by the same percentage as applies to PPS payment rates, and adjusted to reflect changes in real case mix. The deductible and coinsurance amounts are shown in the chart in §10.3 of this chapter.

The coinsurance amount is based on the deductible applicable for the calendar year in which the coinsurance days occur. The deductible is satisfied only by charges for covered Part A services. Expenses for covered services count toward the deductible on an incurred, rather than paid, basis. Expenses incurred in one benefit period cannot be applied toward the deductible in a later benefit period. Expenses incurred in meeting the blood deductible do not count toward the inpatient hospital deductible.

A reduction in benefit days resulting from confinement in a psychiatric hospital, on and immediately preceding the date of entitlement, does not affect the amount of the deductible for which the patient is responsible.
If the actual charge is less than the deductible and the customary charge, the customary charge is applied to the deductible.

A beneficiary is not responsible for payment of the deductible for an inpatient stay if the provider has been determined to be liable because the care was not medically necessary or because the care provided was custodial.

Deductible and Coinsurance Amounts

Year      1st 60 Days      61st-90th Days     60 Lifetime Reserve Days     SNF Coinsurance   

2009     1,068                       267                        534                                                   133.50   
2010     1,100                       275                        550                                                   137.50

1. Coinsurance was not charged for inpatient hospital care in CY 1989 due to Catastrophic Coverage. The deductible was applied.

2. Under Catastrophic Coverage, a coinsurance payment of $25.50 was due for days 1-8 of SNF care. No SNF coinsurance was due after day 8 in 1989.

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