Ingenix clearing house review

Here is the review.
Features / Advantages. 

a.    Insurance eligibility status could be verified for the reasonable no: of Insurances
b.    If the software used is Ims, claims could be straight away uploaded from Ims itself without login into the “Ingenix”.
c.    We could get the instant “Level 1” acceptance report in the Ims itself after uploading the files.
d.    There is an option available for checking the claim status for the reasonable no: of Insurances.
e.    There is an option available for sending the “Referral Request” for the reasonable no: of Insurances.
f.    We can view the “Level 1 & Level 2” acceptance report and the Payer status report in the Message Center.
g.    Payer Lists with corresponding Payer Id’s could be instantly downloaded from the online itself.
h.    Existing connection of ERA Payer List could be downloaded instantly from the online itself.
i.    The EMC agreements could be downloaded from the online itself.
j.    With the help of highly integrated “Search for provider reports” tool, one can examine and ensure the availability of all necessary reports.
k.    By the help of “Manage Provider Information”, one could add/modify the provider related info’ in the separate web page.
l.    Electronic Remittance Advice could be downloaded then and there and viewed on a daily basis.
m.    All Provider related reports viewed in the “Message Center” could be available for the complete one year time period.
n.    With the help of the “Search Engine” which available within the “Message Center”, one could quickly track the reports as per the requirements.
o.    There is a possibility of activating the separate Worker’s Compensation Clearing House in Ingenix.


a.    Sometimes rejections cannot be properly identified for the submitted claims.
b.    There might be an additional charges applicable for the paper claim submission.
c.    Unable to send the Secondary Claims thru’ Ingenix.

Personally I feel that Gateway is better than Ingenix.


Anonymous said...

I work for Ingenix.

In regards to Drawbacks..

A) Partially correct.
B) The only additional charge may be the postage $.
c) Untrue. Yes, Ingenix can send 2ndary claims on paper and electronically.

Anonymous said...

Ingenix has horrible customer service. In regards to open tickets, it takes a minimum of 4-6 for some sort of udpate/resolution. I have never dealt with a company that takes so long to resolve an issue.

Anonymous said...

Their are lots of drawbacks for this company. I will name only a few.

1. Their Enrollment process is too time consuming and very confusing. There is no way to find out if they have received the fax or the forms mailed.

2. Their ERA enrollment process is even worst. You have to associate your providers to each plan and then flll out the forms and fax or mail it to Ingenix, again there is no way to confirm if they have recieved the form, if there is any kind of issue regarding the enrollment, you are not informed, you have to keep on calling yourself and find out if there is an issue, they claim that they update the site with your information, but I do not find it to be true.

3. Their help desk is the worst I have ever seen, any issue will take 2 to 3 weeks to get resovled even if you are unable to send your claims and tell them you will have cash flow issue. They say, they are busy with the 5010 conversion. If that is the case, they shold have hired more people. They even claim that Emdeon takes over 4 weeks to respond. My answer was that is the reason we are not with Emdeon.

4. Their reports are pretty confusing, it is very hard to find out why the claim is being rejected.

There are couple of more issues with bothers me, but these are my main issues.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst clearinghouse I have ever dealt with. Their system is outdated. The worse 5010 conversion I have ever seen. Stayed 2 months without being able to send a single claim. Their tickets take an average of 4-6 to find out later that they didn't solve the problem. Stay away from this clearinghouse.

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