Factors need to consider before selecting Medical billing software

Before selecting a software, the provider must examine its business needs to identify the EDI, practice management, or other services that the provider is interested in obtaining from a software. The provider should consider what services could be easily performed by their in-house staff and which might be more cost effective to obtain through a software. The provider should create a written description of the components of its practice that need software support and a description of support needed so prospective softwares can design their proposals to best meet the provider’s needs. Requirements to consider include the following:

•    Future Growth of the Practice;

•    Workload;

•    Payer Analysis;

•    Referral Tracking;

•    Fee Schedules;

•    Appointment Scheduling;

•    Medical Records;

•    Interconnections with Physicians/Hospitals and other Networks;

•    Word Processing Needs;

•    Electronic Billing (formats and versions supported);

•    Multiple Practices/Locations;

•    High Volume/Low Volume Billing;

•    Specific Bill Types;

•    Management Reporting;

•    Hardware/Software Requirements/compatibility with existing equipment; and

•    Data Storage needs.


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