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Question :often receive requests from Healthcare clients who are in the market to change billing/ practice management software. Provider sizes range from small family practices to large hospitals. If you have considered or implemented a software change, can you give the pros and cons of the software you switched to versus the system you were using?

I would like to know about the platform the software is built upon, support, features, and technical aspects as well as ease of use, features, price, and upgradibility... Thank you! 


Frankly, the list of software vendors is extensive, and the number of product variations within a single organization can be huge.

As for tips in selecting, the big key right now is interoperability. It is not just that systems have ease of use, it is their ability to communicate with other systems along the same line, or ancillary systems that may be from another vendor (pharmacy, laboratory, etc).

Personally, I am not a huge fan of "one stop shopping", that is why interoperability (in real time) is such a critical factor. While you can live with batch interfaces in physician practices, when it comes to hospitals (labs, radiology, pharm, etc...) you want/need real time. 

AcerMEd has an excellent product with a platform that includes use by mobile medical teams!  

Thomas - the challenge you'll find is that there is an ocean of options available. Even with some recommendations here there aren't enough details to target YOUR - or your clients - exact needs. I blog about this at http://blog.solutionexplorers.com/ . Let me know if I can help further with software exploration services. All the best! 

Hooper - While we may expand in the future, we are aiming to keep overhead and down town to a minimum". You better take your future plans into account right now while you have the chance. Once you go down one path with Practice Management Software (and LISs, EMRs, etc), its very painful to change in the future. That doesn't mean you have to go out and buy the full package. Just make sure that what ever you get can expand to suite your future needs. (For an extra cost of course.)

Also... You've just finished meeting with the sales person. It's going to take $50,000 and 6 months to implement. Plan on $75,000 and 9 months. "Oh, you want to actually be able to print the patient information. That costs extra." I may be exagerating a little on that one, but take it from experience -- something will cost extra. Being a solo doc, it may not be that bad though.

Keep asking around though. Other doctor's who have been down that road are your best resource.

BTW... I didn't directly answer your question because I have never directly used any of the software. I have just worked with doctors, labs, etc. 

Peter - The medical practice where my wife works uses a combination of Medinotes for EMR. Drfirst of prescriptions, and Medisoft for billing. 

Jason - I've got a few I can recommend. I've never used them, but these are some of the ones I've heard of that might fit the bill for you. Your question is a bit vague, there's a lot of aspects of financial management.

AdvancedMD is a web based solution that is tailored to different sizes of organizations. I think this would be the most likely candidate for what you're in need of.

Sage software offers a multitude of different practice management solutions the one I think would be the best fit for a smaller practice would be MedWare.

Last I'd mention something a little less specialized, but with more top of mind recognition. Quicken offers a line of healthcare management products. These would likely be the best choice if you're desire is to go with someone a little more mainstream. 

Michelly I have used Medisoft and Medical Manager software. There are things to love and hate about both. (Hate is a strong word, but you know what I mean...) You might also look at Misys Healthcare. I will attach links for all three. 

Leah shees - There is no "best" - the best one is the one that fits your needs. The features, the platforms, the prices all vary so widely that it is impossible to state "the best". Every provider/supplier has different needs. One wants an ASP, another doesn't. One is a DME that requires CMN transmission, capped rental tracking and inventory control, and one is a PT needing EMR.

The reputed top-selling solutions are Medical Manager and Medisoft - but one is very high-priced and out of reach of many small practices and billing services, and the other is not a viable solution for any provider needing to utilize UB04s (although some vendors have managed to come up with a solution) and has quite a long learning curve and not much support from vendors. So what may be "best" for on buyer is completely unworkable for another.

You'd get a more productive answer if you made a list of your basic requirements including platform, price range, features particular to the provider type, etc. - but even at that you're still only going to get other people's opinions - you'll still have to demo all of them to see what's right for you.

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Lytec software is good as far as i am concerned. Its easy to use and simple.

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