MPN - Points to remember

• What happens if I get injured at work- MPN?

In case of an emergency, you should call 911 or go to the closest emergency room.
If you are injured at work, notify your employer as soon as possible. Your employer will provide you with a claim form. When you notify your employer that you have had a work-related injury, your employer or insurer will make an initial appointment with a doctor in the MPN.

• How do I choose a provider?

After the first medical visit, you may continue to be treated by this doctor, or you may choose another doctor from the MPN. You may continue to choose doctors within the MPN for all of your medical care for this injury. If appropriate, you may choose a specialist or ask your treating doctor for a referral to a specialist. If you need help in choosing a doctor you may call the MPN Contact listed above.
Can I change providers?
Yes. You can change providers within the MPN for any reason, but the providers you choose should be appropriate to treat your injury.

• What standards does the MPN have to meet?

The MPN has providers for the following .
The MPN must give you a regional list of providers that includes at least three physicians in each specialty commonly used to treat work injuries/illnesses in your industry. The MPN must provide access to primary physicians within 15 miles and specialists within 30 miles. If you live in a rural area there may be a different standard.
The MPN must provide initial treatment within 3 days. You must receive specialist treatment within 20 days of your request. If you have trouble getting an appointment, contact the MPN.

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