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• What if I am already being treated for a work-related injury before the MPN begins?

Your employer or insurer has a “Transfer of Care” policy which will determine if you can continue being temporarily treated for an existing work-related injury by a physician outside of the MPN before your care is transferred into the MPN.

If you have properly predesignated a primary treating physician, you cannot be transferred into the MPN. (If you have questions about predesignation, ask your supervisor.) If your current doctor is not or does not become a member of the MPN, then you may be required to see a MPN physician.

If your employer decides to transfer you into the MPN, you and your primary treating physician must receive a letter notifying you of the transfer.

If you meet certain conditions, you may qualify to continue treating with a non-MPN physician for up to a year before you are transferred into the MPN. The qualifying conditions to postpone the transfer of your care into the MPN are in the box below.

You can disagree with your employer’s decision to transfer your care into the MPN. If you don’t want to be transferred into the MPN, ask your primary treating physician for a medical report on whether you have one of the four conditions stated above to qualify for a postponement of your transfer into the MPN.

Your primary treating physician has 20 days from the date of your request to give you a copy of his/her report on your condition. If your primary treating physician does not give you the report within 20 days of your request, the employer can transfer your care into the MPN and you will be required to use a MPN physician.

You will need to give a copy of the report to your employer if you wish to postpone the transfer of your care. If you or your employer disagrees with your doctor’s report on your condition, you or your employer can dispute it. See the complete transfer of care policy for more details on the dispute resolution process.

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