Medicare and TRICARE Coverage

If you have Medicare Part A and TRICARE (coverage for active‑duty military or retirees and their families), you must have Part B to keep your TRICARE coverage. However, if you are an active‑duty service member, or the spouse or dependent child of an active‑duty service member, the following applies to you:

You don’t have to enroll in Part B to keep your TRICARE coverage ■■while the service member is on active duty.

When the active-duty service member retires, you must enroll in 
■■Part B to keep your TRICARE coverage.

You can get Part B during a special enrollment period if you have ■■Medicare because you are age 65 or older, or you are disabled.

Note: If you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan or choose to join a plan, tell the plan that you have TRICARE, so your bills can be paid correctly.

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