What is Group Provider number and who is eligiblie?

Here we explain based on Medicaid.
Group Enrollment 

When two or more providers bill Medicaid using the same tax identification number, they must enroll in Medicaid as a group. Each member in the group who bills Medicaid must also enroll as an individual Medicaid provider. The providers are not required to practice at the same location to enroll as a group.

The group number is used for billing and tax identification purposes only.

Enrollment Process for Individual Membership in a Group

When a group provider enrolls in Medicaid, the group must submit a Group Provider Application for Individual Membership in a Group with its Medicaid Enrollment Application.

The group provider must add new members by submitting a Group Provider Application for Individual
Membership in a Group to the Medicaid fiscal agent at:
ACS - Florida Medicaid
Provider Enrollment
P. O. Box 7070
Tallahassee, Florida 32314-7070

Who Enrolls as Group Providers

Health care practitioners may enroll as group providers. County public health units, rural health clinics, and community mental health providers must enroll as a group provider.

Who Can Be in the Same Group

The following provider types are eligible to enroll together in the same provider group. The group may consist of any of the provider types listed below.

• Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
• Audiologists
• Chiropractors
• Dentists
• Hearing Aid Specialists
• Licensed Midwives
• Optometrists
• Opticians
• Physician Assistants
• Physicians
• Podiatrists
• Registered Nurses
• Registered Nurse First Assistants

Group Payments 

All payments for claims billed using a group provider number will be paid to the group provider.

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