V-Code Guidance for Exams, Education, and Counseling Services

V70.5 enables the differentiation of the types of health examinations routinely imposed on the active duty and individuals working in support of the DoD.  When entering these codes in ADM, enter the root code, one space, and then the extender.

V70.5_0    Armed Forces Medical Exam - used for pre-enlistment exams.  This is an initial qualifying exam; a "yes" test that someone meets the requirements to join the military.

V70.5_1    Aviation Exam - This is the initial qualifying and any recurring exam.

V70.5_2    Periodic Prevention Exam – Age-specific exam according to Service specifications.  This exam also includes non-military populations such as preschool and other students, and detainees under DoD control.

V70.5_3    Occupational Exam - Used for both initial qualifying and recurring exams due to the individual
working in a specific occupation or in support of occupational medicine programs (Worker’s compensation).  For return to duty, following a non-aviation occupational related condition, use V70.5  7.

V70.5_4    Pre-deployment Examination/Encounter – A medical exam administered prior to designate military deployment.  These exams could include family members experiencing a pre-deployment related condition.

V70.5_5    During Deployment Examination/Encounter - Any deployment related exam performed while individual (AD, contractor, etc.) is deployed.  These exams could include family members experiencing a deployment related condition.

V70.5_6    Post Deployment Examination/Encounter - An exam specifically performed because an individual was deployed.  This code is also used for individuals (e.g., family members, significant others) with post deployment related issues impacting medical care.  (See further explanation in Post Deployment Exams.)

V70.5_7    Fitness for Duty Examination/Encounter - Used when the primary reason a patient is seen is to be returned to work/duty.  This is also for temporary and permanent duty retirement list (TDRL/PDRL), medical evaluation board (MEB) assessments, and return to duty following pregnancy, or surgery/treatment.

V70.5_8    Accession Exam - A special medical examination on individuals being considered for special programs prior to Service entry.  Exams are usually for officer candidates [Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs, college graduates, professional schools, etc.]  Other examples are DoD Medical Review Board (Dormer) exams, Health Professional School Program (HPSP) exams, and supplemental exams in support of Medical Examination Processing Stations.

V70.5_9    Termination Exam – Exams performed at the end of employment and for retirement or separation.

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